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Books and Publications

The Regenerator and the Stirling Engine
Allan J. Organ | Hardcover, 623 pages | Harvill Press, 1997
Amazon Price: $165.00 |

SESUSA highly recommends this title for anyone who is interested in learning about and/or building stirling engines of any type!

Stirling Cycle Engines, 2nd edition
Andy Ross | Softcover, 60 pages | Solar Engines, 1981
Price: $15.95 |

This should be everybodies primer on Stirling Engines. It is a small paperback book and very good simple explanations.

The Phillips Stirling Engine
C.M. Hargreaves | Softcover, 60 pages | Elsevier Science Publishers B.V., 1991
Amazon Price: from $223.94 |

This is a very comprehensive book about the work at Phillips from 1937-1979 on the kinematic stirling engine. Another must-read for anyone serious about Stirling Engines. Knowledge of calculus is required for some parts, but much is understandable regardless.

Order The Phillips Stirling EngineToday!

1 - The Stirling Alternative : Power Systems, Refrigerants and Heat Pumps G. Walker(Editor), et al / Hardcover / Published 1994
A very thorough book of basics information and a discussion of the state of the art and progress of the Stirling Engine in modern times. Practical down to earth language, composite history and understandable technical explanations. The best book to begin your quest for information on Stirling Engines.

1 - 'Stirling Engines' by Graham Walker, 1980 published by The Clarendon Press, Oxford. TJ765.W35 1980, ISBN - 0-19-856209-8
A very thorough book of basics information and a discussion of the state of the art and progress in the late 1970's. Some Calculus required for the math but not required to enjoy this very good treaste.

1a -'Stirling Cycle Machines' by Graham Walker, 1973 published by The Clarendon Press, Oxford. TJ765.W34 1973 This is a good basics book but most information on prime movers is included in the 1980 book.

2 - 'Stirling Cycle Engine Analysis' Israel Ureili, David M. Berchowitz, 1984 Pub: Adam Hilger Ltd., Techno House, Radcliffe Way, Bristol ISBN 0-85274-435-8 Dewey: 621.4 TH765 Out of print but available through inter-Library loan. Second order analysis of the Stirling Enngine in both isothermal and adiabatic processes. Fortran IV second order simulation program in the appendix to the book. Understanding of the Calculus and Thermodynamics required

4 - 'The Next Great Thing : The Sun, the Stirling Engine, and the Drive to Change the World' by Mark L. Shelton / Hardcover 272 pages/ Published 1994 by W W Norton & Co., ISBN: 0393036197 A delightful book about the people and efforts of Sunpower, Inc. of Athens Ohio. Non-technical with some good non-technical explanations of some technical processes. A great read for anyone interested in Stirling devices.

5- 'An Introduction to Low Temperature Differential Stirling Engines' by James Senft;  Paperback - 88 pages (1996) Moriya Press; ISBN: 0965245519  Jim Senft is a rare individual who combines an ability to design and machine flawless engines with a deep understanding of the  theoretical math and physics involved.

6- 'The Stirling Engine Manual'  by J. G. Rizzo, 1995. It's an excellent coverage of the history of the Stirling over the past (almost) two centuries, photos of many engines, a section on the principles of operation, and drawings of working engines that can be produced in the hobby machine shop.

7-' Thermodynamics and Gas Dynamics of the Stirling Cycle Machine'  by Allan J. Organ Hardcover (July 1992) Cambridge Univ Press  (Short); ISBN: 052141363X Amazon Price: $140.00 (Special Order) 'The Regenerator and the Stirling Engine', by Allan J. Organ / Hardcover / Published 1997 1860580106 Amazon Price: $165.00 (Special Order)

8- 'Rev. Robert Stirling, Inventor of the Heat Economiser and Stirling Cycle Engine.' by  Robert Sier. ISBN 0   9526417 0 4
The life of the Rev Robert Stirling has been largely ignored by historians of science. This first ever biography of  Stirling examines the possible motives that lead a student of divinity, with a classical education, to invent and patent,  in 1816, the Heat Economiser. With his brother, James, Robert Stirling developed his idea into the Stirling Engine, which over a hundred years later is the subject of  renewed interest. LA Mair Publishers

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